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Labels and MSDS

For the convenience of our customers, the following is a list of labels and MSDS documents for the materials our team at Crane Pest Control may possibly use in our services. For the most up-to-date documents, we suggest that you go to the manufacturers' websites.

136 250 Propoxur      L      M
170 Advance Cockroach Gel      L      M
85 Advance G Ant Bait      L      M    
148 Advance 360A Dual Choice      L      M
166 Advion Ant Gel      L      M
168 Advion Ant Bait Arena      L      M
177 Advion Roach Gel      L      M
182 Advion Roach Bait Arena      L      M
172 Allure MD      L      M
143 Altosid PRO G      L      M
68 Answer Gopher Bait      L      M
158 Apple Bait Block      L      M
57 Avert Dry Flowable      L      M
70 Avert Roach Gel Bait      L      M
2 Avitrol Mixed Grains      L      M
1 Avitrol Whole Corn      L      M
150 Bedlam      L      M
153 BP 100 Plus      L      M
173 Cidetrak IMM      L      M
12 Contrac      L      M
75 Cykick CS      L      M
121 Cykick CS Aerosol      L      M
73 Deltagard G      L      M
91 Demand CS      L      M
125 Diatect III      L      M
46 Drax Ant Kil Gel      L      M
144 ECO Exempt IC-2      L      M
128 Excite R      L      M
167 Fastrac Blox      L      M
175 First Strike      L      M
104 Fumitoxin      L      M
71 Generation      L      M
147 Generation Blue Max      L      M
114 Gentrol Aerosol      L      M
39 Gentrol E.C. IGR      L      M
40 Gentrol Point Source      L      M
98 Golden Malrin      L      M
131 Gopher Getter AG Bait      L      M
132 Gopher Getter Type II      L      M
165 Intice Roach Bait      L      M
142 Larva Lur      L      M
152 Liqui-Tox      L      M
26 Maki Blocks      L      M
77 Maxforce FC (ants) disk      L      M
78 Maxforce FC (roaches) disk      L      M
137 Maxforce FC Select      L      M
117 MF Ant Killer Bait Gel      L      M
124 Maxforce Fly Granules      L      M
159 Maxforce Magnum      L      M
162 MF Fly Spot Bait      L      M
90 MicroCare      L      M
169 Mother Earth Exempt      L      M
     L      M
171 Mother Earth Scatter Bait      L      M
32 Niban      L      M
146 NIC Pro-Organic      L      M
149 Onslaught      L      M
123 Orange Guard      L      M
80 Orthene      L      M
119 P.C.Q.      L      M
88 Perma Dust      L      M
135 Phantom      L      M
181 Phantom Pressurized RTU      L      M
83 PI      L      M
41 Precor E.C. IGR      L      M
138 Precor 2000 Plus      L      M
161 Pro Citra DL      L      M
126 PT 565+XLO      L      M
49 Purge III      L      M
180 Pyganic Dust      L      M
145 Pyganic PRO      L      M
13 Quintox      L      M
176 Ratimor      L      M
178 Shockwave      L      M
109 Sluggo      L      M
97 Steri-fab      L      M
74 Suspend SC      L      M
141 Talpirid      L      M
95 Talstar P (Liquid)      L      M
76 Talstar PL (Granular)      L      M
118 Tempo SC Ultra       L      M
174 Terad-3 Blox      L      M
 188  Temprid     L     M
179 Terad 3 AG Blox      L      M
122 Termidor SC      L      M
140 Terro-PCO      L      M
96 Tri Die      L      M
99 Wasp Freeze      L      M
3 ZP Rodent Bait AG      L      M
4 ZP Tracking Powder      L      M



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